I happened upon Great Adventure Ministries through its coffee shop, “Sozo.” After noticing the Christian themed artwork on the walls, I asked the barista, Alysha, if Sozo was a Christian organization. She and a man named Chad proceeded to tell me about the Bible Study that meets there. At this point I was just starting my senior year of high school, and was looking for a mature place to learn more about my faith apart from the typical youth group setting. I decided to attend a night of study, and found a wonderful community of caring, wise, and fun people to call friends! I loved the element of spiritual diversity represented in each of the small groups.  All different churches, childhood backgrounds, and lifestyles coming together to talk about what can unite us: the Bible.

I soon became involved in the worship team, and now am one of many small group leaders as well as a barista for Sozo and the administrative assistant for Great Adventure Ministries. Whether you are a young college student or a young professional, this Bible study will challenge you to examine your beliefs and put them into action, all while surrounding you with a supportive network of friends. I highly encourage you to come check it out! Just click the “G” icon at the top of the page to head to our events calendar.