“Building a Christ centered community amongst young professionals in downtown Omaha”

Simply put, Great Adventure Ministries is Omaha’s #1 college and young adult ministry for those 18 – 35. We are located in one of the most ideal locations in our city- the Old Market!  Great Adventure is first and foremost focused on the Word of God, the BIBLE, and offering the supportive community we all need to stand and serve in such a complex world.

Great Adventure is located in the heart of all the action! 53,000 college students within 4 miles, night life, arts, politics, and opportunities to serve those in need all flourish in the Old Market.  What better place than this to be a part of a true community of believers trying to make a difference?  Come join us this Tuesday!

Tuesday Night COVID Schedule:

6:45pm: Worship and Announcements (no dinner served currently due to COVID)

7:15-8:30pm: Bible Study Small Groups

I first heard about Great Adventure Ministries from my older brother who was attending their Tuesday night Bible studies. I was hesitant to come because I wasn’t very interested in studying the Bible, but reluctantly tagged along with my brother in March of 2015. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with many warm welcomes and people who were genuinely interested in getting to know me. This sense of community and friendship kept me coming back. I also quickly realized that this group of people really does live up to the “adventure” part of their name! They have annual ski trips, global mission trips, white water rafting adventures, hiking/camping excursions, and many weekly local events that keep people engaged across a broad spectrum of interests.

Today I find the mix of adventure and participation in weekly Bible studies has provided a community of close friends and believers to walk through life with. I’m involved with the worship team and I am a small group leader for the college-aged group. I look back on that March night in 2015 in a totally different light now. I’m so thankful for all that this ministry has done for my life since then and that I gave Great Adventure Ministries a chance. If you’re even slightly interested or have a friend who is dragging you along (like I did), I think you’ll be happy you made the choice to attend any of the events that GAMe puts on.


I happened upon Great Adventure Ministries through its coffee shop, “Sozo.” After noticing the Christian themed artwork on the walls, I asked the barista, Alysha, if Sozo was a Christian organization. She and a man named Chad proceeded to tell me about the Bible Study that meets there. At this point I was just starting my senior year of high school, and was looking for a mature place to learn more about my faith apart from the typical youth group setting. I decided to attend a night of study, and found a wonderful community of caring, wise, and fun people to call friends! I loved the element of spiritual diversity represented in each of the small groups.  All different churches, childhood backgrounds, and lifestyles coming together to talk about what can unite us: the Bible.

I soon became involved in the worship team, and now am one of many small group leaders as well as a barista for Sozo and the administrative assistant for Great Adventure Ministries. Whether you are a young college student or a young professional, this Bible study will challenge you to examine your beliefs and put them into action, all while surrounding you with a supportive network of friends. I highly encourage you to come check it out! Just click the “G” icon at the top of the page to head to our events calendar.