I heard about Great Adventure Ministries through Sozo Coffeehouse shortly after moving to Omaha. In previous places I have lived I went out of my way to avoid the Christian crowd, however I decided to give the ministry a chance after hearing about the trips and activities they went on (skiing, skydiving, motorcycle riding, humanitarian trips, etc)—the “Adventure” part of Great Adventure Ministries! While that’s what got me through the door, the community is why I stayed. Within a few days I was invited to people’s homes for dinner, taken country dancing, and asked to be on the worship team. I was even invited to join some of them for a weekend trip to Chicago! The immediate openness and friendship was a refreshing change for me. I had grown accustomed to the idea that “Christian” equated to hypocrisy, judgement, and discord, but I found none of that at GAMe.

I have been part of the ministry since March of 2015, participated in multiple trips including a week in Guatemala doing humanitarian work, and now organize service projects for the Omaha area. The sense of Biblical based community here is something that was severely lacking previously in my life. Having a circle of friends who positively influence me on a daily basis has greatly improved my view of Christians as well as my walk with God.