Current Study

1 Timothy (4)

1 Timothy 6: August 4th

Opening Question: What brings you the most happiness in life? Avoid describing what you think should bring you happiness or what you would like to bring you happiness. Be open and honest in your answer.

  1. Slavery. It’s thousands of years later and we are still dealing with the consequences of slavery. Why do you think Paul, or Jesus, didn’t just address the topic and resolve it? Describe why the gospel might have been prioritized over the conditions of people at the time, and why Paul would preach this way.
  2. Have you ever been a part of a situation you wished you hadn’t that required you to submit or display your faith? What things are happening in our world that you might have to look past in order to be a light and not a distraction? How could your political views “slander” the “teachings” as Paul suggests in vs 1?
  3. We’ve had some very intense conversations and topics in 1 Timothy. In verse 3, Paul doesn’t give much ground for these topics being only “suggestions.” Which topic, of those we have covered, is the hardest to work through?
  4. Verses 4-5 list some strong words that seem to fit our culture today. Share some of those topics and how they might be distracting Christians from what’s really important. On the flip side, how might we be dismissing very important topics as “less significant” and why are those “essential” in your eyes?
  5. What material possessions do you worry most about losing? Why?
  6. Describe a time in your life when you truly experienced contentment. How would you define contentment? How is godliness with contentment “great gain” (v. 6)
  7. What motivation for contentment does Paul give in verses 7-8?  Why is it so difficult to be content and what are some of the warning signs of discontentment?
  8. What does this passage say should be our attitude toward money and giving? What evidences of the love of money do you see among Christians today (both those who have money and those who lack it)?
  9. In what ways are you guilty of loving money? What practical steps can you take to flee materialism and follow godliness?
  10. How fiercely and intensely are you fighting “the good fight of faith”? What would a renewed commitment to the battle look like in your life today?

Ending: Consider Paul’s final charge to Timothy (vv. 20-21). Why do you think he ended his letter that way? How does this letter address both Timothy and the wider church through him?